The Funky 80s Makeup Look!

Don’t be shy here. 80s makeup is about plenty of gorgeous rich colors. Go for blues, pinks, purples, and greens!

Makeup can be expensive, and you certainly do not want to be spending big dollars on your 80s makeup, if you are just dressing up in for 80s fancy dress! You’ll probably never use most of it again!

As always, start by asking friends and family, like aunts, who may have leftover makeup which they never threw out, from their 70s and 80s eras. Score!

Secondly, chemists, drug stores, and the cheapie dollar shops actually carry a huge range of Gowdy colors and are really cheap.

I saw some gorgeous eye makeup palettes just the other day which would be perfect. These were fun, bright, 80s colors, for only a few dollars. The one I saw was about $5.

80s Makeup Girl

Chances are, you may have a suitable lipstick, in a bright red, or a pretty pink. Also, Nana’s coral lipstick from the 60’s came back in fashion, when Dirty Dancing and Back to the Future were released.

You won’t need to spend much money on your 80s makeup, and you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck!


  • Black or bright cobalt blue eyeliner
  • Pink, blue, purple and green eyeshadow
  • Red or pink lipstick
  • Bright pink blush
  • Blue nail polish


Look at the division of color in the photo, and pile on your colors.

An example may be to color your eyelids with blue, pink on your upper eyelids, and purple or green on your outer part of your eye.

Eyeliner is definitely required, especially on the inside of the lower part of your eye, and the top of the eyelid. You will have to pull down you’re under the eye and look up, as you apply the eyeliner. It may feel a bit uncomfortable while you are applying the eyeliner, however, remember, eyeliner was always a must of the 80s.

For your blush, like I said earlier unless if you already have pink blush, use some pink lipstick. Woila! beautiful!

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