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Making Money And My Income Disclosure

Income Disclosure and making money! It’s only fair, I guess, however, I just read where I need to declare that I earn an income from the Amazon links, weaved throughout the 80s Fashion Fancy Dress website… And it got me thinking.. What a great idea!

Let me share with you how I make easily money from Amazon, and other big companies in my sleep. No serving customers, no getting up going to work, no buying stock, no packing, no addressing and visiting post offices, no waiting for payment before goods are sent, no cold call selling, no ‘network marketing’, and no ‘meetings’!

Just working in my PJs whenever it suits, (I think I am starting to become a recluse.. and enjoying it.. hmmm) and waking up to find more money in my bank account. The best bit? I LOVE doing this!!

Oh, and another best bit, (There are actually heaps of best bits!) I am getting paid for my recommendations. Otherwise known as affiliate marketing. (Which are only genuine of course!)


Here’s a quick example of how I make money from linking the reader to a specific or general product on Amazon. Easy hey?

So when do I make money from people clicking to Amazon? Only when they buy something. They can buy anything. Chances are, the client will click on what they were searching for, however, may stumble upon something else of interest outside of 80s fashion such as iphone accessories or a book they were interested in.

I also have another ulterior motive to displaying images for Amazon products.

You see, when I am trying to describe ideas for a particular 80s fashion or 80s fancy dress costume, I do not have a heap of time or money to spend, getting the actual costume together.

Therefore, I look for relevant images, costumes and related games, movies and songs, to add a visual content which assists the reader to get an idea of what they have already or what they want to look for when organising their 80s costume.

I believe this is a win-win-win situation, between myself, the reader and Amazon. Now, who would not be happy with that?

Here’s my income disclosure for is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Amazon isn’t for everyone, and not all of their items are suitable to be shipped to all countries, due to either sale taxes or the sheer fact the Amazon does not ship that item to that country. This is why I also diversify to other “affiliate” organisations. My other primary affiliate organisations that I link with are Commission Junction and Share-A-sale.

Commission Junction & ShareASale

Commission Junction and ShareASale are huge affiliate marketing companies. In other words, they connect companies with goods to sell, with companies who are looking to make money from selling products, without looking after stock and inventory.

Through these big companies, I find stores with relevant products, good web pages and great commission structures, to work into my website.

Like Amazon, this is a win-win-win scenario. I make money when my readers buy products from these sites, and are able to show great example images to give my readers ideas.

Google Adsense

Generally speaking online, businesses either pay Google money to get their business ads displayed on sites with relevant content, or sites like mine (that have relevant content), get paid by Google, for showing these ads.

You’ll see I generally have one or two ads per page and not masses, as I do not want to detract from the information people are genuinely searching for.

This is all fit together automatically by ‘keywords’. Let’s use my 80s fashion fancy dress website as an example.

The site is primarily about 80s fancy dress. Most of the Google ads, will display ads by costume companies, who want their ads shown on fancy dress sites.

Google Adsense utilises keywords within the paragraphs around where the ad is being served.

As an experiment, I have placed another Google advertisement amongst these Google Adsense paragraphs, as I want to see what ads are being served. Hopefully, they should either be about making money, (this page name use of key words) 80s fashion, fancy dress or Google.

I make money every time someone clicks on a Google ad. It’s not much, however seeing I have a heap of traffic (over 100,000 pages per month) all of the little clicks add up.

Which conveniently brings me to my favourite recommendation that I earn money from…

Site Build It!

So, if it’s so easy, why isn’t everyone making money from the net, or why isn’t everyone doing it?

Good question. Most people that want to make money online, have tried one way or another, spent money on ‘How to make money online’ programs, and countless hours setting up a webpage and shop.

One word: Traffic. If no one finds your site, then how are they going to buy anything or click on a Google ad?

Believe me, I am one of those people that have spent years even, trying to crack the make money online thing, with no success whatsoever!

So what changed? Site Build It! Yep! I don’t even know where to start, to describe how amazing Site Build It is, and how it changed my online income earning capacity forever!

1. SBI is a complete online study system, with step by step instructions, on how to build a site that brings free, relevant traffic to your site, whether you are a computer newbie, or an advanced, skilled webmaster.

2. The SBI system has been around the Internet cowboys for a long time, and have a proven record of a system that consistently works, no matter your country, back ground, IT skill levels, area of interest, or how you want to make money.


3. You can work at your own pace, and like any business, you get out of it what you put in. A big area that your learning will be modeled around, is CTPM . You are taught about How to create CONTENT, bring TRAFFIC, PRESELL your goods, and finally.. MONETIZE your presold traffic.

4. You do not need ANY HTML or website experience. Each page is laid out with a step by step selection area. You select if you are adding an image, adding text, choosing the background and look and feel of your site, adding in links etc. The whole program is set up as a simple yet detailed system. And you can login from any computer. All of your web building and business building is done online.

5. You get tools to use to bring the traffic to your site. It’s all included with the price. Remember how I mentioned keywords when talking about Google? Keywords are King! Site Build It! has a brainstorming tool, allowing you to not only find relevant keywords around your site topic, but also see how often these keywords are being searched for, how much competition is out there for the keywords, and ideas on what other keywords readers are searching for, that’s relevant to your site concept keyword. By the way, that is just one tool. There are so many, that not even I have explored all of them yet!

The page below is my favourite Site Build IT page. It’s story after story, after story, on how average Joe Schmo, started their own SBI e-business, and are making money online. If you are serious about making money in your sleep too, or want to give up your regular job/s, have a browse!

(Warning: You may get very excited reading the stories, and may not be able to sleep, with all of the new exciting ideas being generated in your head!)

Site Build It! Case Studies

As you can see, I am very passionate about Site Build It! . I haven’t explained everything that I love, and about how it makes me money, by helping me build a wonderful site with over 100,000 page views per month..

I also earn $75 commission, every time that one of my readers decides that Site Build It! is also for them. (Yes, another affiliate source of income ). I guess that’s a pretty big one, too. However, unless you are getting people to your site, it doesn’t matter how big the commission is, as no one will be buying anything!

I still haven’t mentioned all of the other wonderful benefits of an SBI owner, including a forum for Site Build It owners, where we help each other. It’s very thorough, and everyone is so helpful. Big fan!

I hope my income disclosure on how I am making money online is helpful, and inspired you to do something to change your life. After all, shouldn’t we work to live, and not live to work? What are you doing to make that happen?


Deni Griffiths 🙂