80s Accessories: Bring Your 80s Costume to Life!

80s accessories are pretty cheap for the most part, and will give your 80s costume Va-Voom! I am really excited writing this.

This is the treasure! Ask family and friends. You never know who has what. Surely an aunt or family member would have some absolute beauties.

As always, hunt down your local $2 shop, opportunity/charity shops, and check out our online stores.

80s Rock Chick with Fingerless Gloves

This photo below is from a recent 80s party, and as you can see, there’s no shortage of 80s accessories! These ladies have the belts, earrings, fingerless gloves, fake necklaces, hair bows and sunnies! What a great effort!

80s accessories worn at a recent 80s party

With so many accessories to choose, I will start from the top, and we’ll work our way to the bottom.


  • 80s Hats


80s hats will not be needed for most of your 80s costumes, as it will hide your awesome 80s Hair! So do not worry too much, or make the 80s hat much of a priority, when designing your 80s fashion outfit.

If however, by some freak of nature you can get your hands on one of these, please wear it!


  • 80s Hair Accessories



If you are a girl, it’s important to add plenty of accessories, including the 80s hair accessories. The good news is that these 80s hair accessories are for the most part, readily available, and around $2.


  • 80s Sunglasses


80s sunglasses were definitely a statement of cool, I guess as sunglasses pretty much have always been. From Ray-Ban goodness such as the 80s Wayfarers and Aviators, immortalized by Tom Cruise, to the cheap and nasty. Although, the nastier, the better for your 80s costume.


  • 80s Jewellery


Just so we are clear here, you MUST have 80s jewelry, to pull off your 80s costume and get the most from your 80s accessories.

And you must have a few different pieces!


  • 80s Fingerless Gloves


80s fingerless gloves are not only a fabulous fashion piece from the 80s but are being spotted in new music clips, and on the catwalk, as we turn into the next decade.

This means you should find fingerless gloves in your fashion accessory stores, if not now, very soon.


  • 80s Belts


80s belts are, in some cases, are a pretty important part of your 80s outfit.


  • 80s Socks and Leg Warmers


80s socks and leg warmers should be considered as part of your 80s accessories when creating your 80s outfit. Here are the most popular styles.


  • 80s Ties and Collar Clips

The skinny 80s tie was big in the late 80s, and have made a fashion come back! And, what were we thinking with those 80s collar clips?! Did you wear them?



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