Awesome 80s Hair Styles

Hmmmm. 80s Hair Styles. I never thought we would ever see 80s hairstyles coming back, however, there’s evidence of it amongst the young ones today.

For the genuine 80s look, anything goes. Short one side, long the other, crimped, teased, perms, spikes, long hair, ponytails to the side. Oooh, and the mullet. The list is definitely weird and usually not exactly classy.

Also, 80s haircuts were very unisex. So you may think a spike was for the guys when plenty of chicks had spikes too. I included. Sometimes the spike haircuts were good, and some were so bad, that even I hated them.

Other unisex 80s hairstyles included the rat’s tail, mullet, perms and that type of haircut where hair was cut a lot shorter on one side. Is there a name for that?

Tease your hair 80s style

For dressing up, you will either want to organize a wig or get out the comb and hairspray. If you are really lucky, you may know of someone with a crimping iron, however, I do not like your chances of this.. Unless you know someone who recently bought one, cos they’re back in fashion.

Or.. if you really want to be brave and out there. AND.. you are going to get your hair cut after the 80s party anyway. What about getting a real 80s hairstyle?!

“What!?” you’re thinking. Well yeah, I hear ya, but hear me out.

Think about it. If you are going to get your hair cut anyway, imagine getting the ultimate mo-hawk, getting your hair cut short on one side, a rats tail, or a spike?

For a few of you, the step from your hair now, to the 80s style, and then get it restyled to how you want, may actually work. Now, how cool would your 80s outfit be, with the hairstyle being genuine 80s??!!

Ha ha ha, all I am saying is that may be a crazy option for some of you. And you never know, you may even keep it! 😀
Look through the gallery of awesome 80s celebrity hairstyles

Awesome 80s celebrity hair styles!


You’ll want to have some of these items when getting ready with your 80s hairstyle.


  • Gel
  • Mousse
  • Hairspray
  • Hair paint
  • Hair dye
  • Fine tooth comb
  • Round hair brush
  • Hair dryer
  • Crimping iron
  • A sense of fun and adventure!

Crimping Iron

Click through the popular hairstyles from the 80s, and find the one that’s just right for you and your 80s costume!


  • 80s Teased Hair – The bigger, the better! So how do you get the 80s teased hair?
  • 80s Punk Hair


80s punk hairstyle will grab attention. Here’s how you do it!


  • Crimped Hair


The 80s crimped hair was all the rage by the mid to late 80s. I think you’ll find, it will be all the rage again, coming into the tweenies.


  • 80s Side Ponytail


The 80s side ponytail is a quick easy way, to get your 80s fashion started, and is for the girls only.


  • 80s Fountain Ponytail


This cute 80s fountain ponytail is quick easy, and you do not need really long hair. In fact, shortish medium hair is brilliant for this 80s style.


  • 80s Mullet … “Don’t break my heart..”


Yikes! The 80s mullet hairstyle. Mostly worn by the lads, this was an incredibly popular hairstyle in the 80s.


  • 80s Blow Wave Hair Style


80s blow wave hairstyles were generally most hairstyles. In other words, the hair dryer was used a lot, whether you were male or female!


  • Braided Hair


For the less daring, having your hair in a braid was big in the 80s. Why not consider a french braid for your 80s party, or even, for almost any occasion?


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