About Me

Hi, my name is Deni Griffiths, and I LURVE being an 80s chick. Mostly because I still haven’t grown up yet. I guess you have clicked here, to find out more about me.

Yup, the 80s were so much fun to live in. Mind you,  I reckon the 60s and the 70s would have been awesome too!

I have a taste for adventure and fun, however, I have not been on that many adventures yet. (I fell pregnant at 18)

So, I guess my mind is still stuck in the adventures I used to get up to in the 80s.

My goal is to create a passive income, so My husband and I can enjoy adventures together, and not worry about working full time. Our kids have both finished school, so we are nearly free of our parenting duties. Yay!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I have built this 80s fashion and fancy dress website in my spare time.

How would I know?

I have been toying with little money-making websites on the side for a few years, including my own website business in Australia, which was a lot of effort! So I have tried and know a few things about creating passive income, as well as creating websites.

My first website that I built, I had to learn basic HTML code, by doing a night time TAFE (College) course. It’s not too bad, but I have to fight and struggle to get the traffic.

This 80s fashion website was so easy to build, I didn’t need to know anything about creating websites. So to learn and express about my life and feelings I created this website.

If you want to share your experience too or have any queries feel free to contact me here.