Awesome Clothes Worn in 80s Fashions

Find clothes worn in the 80s by searching through the different 80s fashions and 80s costume ideas.

The awesome thing about dressing up in 80s outfits is that there are so many choices you can virtually mix and match elements with.

Where do you start? What main elements consist of an 80s fashion outfit?

Popular trends include fluoro – neon, stone wash, acid wash denim, lace, mesh, lycra, polyester and don’t forget taffeta and satin for the 80s prom dresses.

80s fashion at a recent 80s party

Once you have an idea of what 80s styles you are looking for, your next best step, is to work out who, where and when you can get your 80s gear from.

These are where you should score best for finding clothes worn in the 80s.

  • Family and friends: Parents, uncles and aunts, friends of the family.
  • Vintage and second-hand clothes shops in your local area. I have found they have the best range and are the cheapest for your authentic 80s clothing.
  • $2 import stores for fantastic items such as scrunchies, beaded necklaces, party gear and misc 80s jewelry.
  • 80s costume specialist online stores: The costume store links provided in these pages are brilliant. I have taken great care to find these wonderful stores, who provide that extra perfect something for your 80s costume or outfit.Please take the time to click on the products and look through these online stores. There is some brilliant 80s stuff, and quite cheap, too.
  • Costume jewelry stores.

For the most of it, your accessories will be what brings your 80s costume to life.

Legwarmers, lace ribbons, fingerless gloves, necklaces and dangly earrings.

There’s a chance these may be hard to find. Do not worry, like I said earlier, you will be able to buy plenty of 80s accessories online.

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