Awesome 80s Hair Styles

Hmmmm. 80s Hair Styles. I never thought we would ever see 80s hairstyles coming back, however, there’s evidence of it amongst the young ones today.

For the genuine 80s look, anything goes. Short one side, long the other, crimped, teased, perms, spikes, long hair, ponytails to the side. Oooh, and the mullet. The list is definitely weird and usually not exactly classy.

Also, 80s haircuts were very unisex. So you may think a spike was for the guys when plenty of chicks had spikes too. I included. Sometimes the spike haircuts were good, and some were so bad, that even I hated them.

Other unisex 80s hairstyles included the rat’s tail, mullet, perms and that type of haircut where hair was cut a lot shorter on one side. Is there a name for that?

Tease your hair 80s style

For dressing up, you will either want to organize a wig or get out the comb and hairspray. If you are really lucky, you may know of someone with a crimping iron, however, I do not like your chances of this.. Unless you know someone who recently bought one, cos they’re back in fashion.

Or.. if you really want to be brave and out there. AND.. you are going to get your hair cut after the 80s party anyway. What about getting a real 80s hairstyle?!

“What!?” you’re thinking. Well yeah, I hear ya, but hear me out.

Think about it. If you are going to get your hair cut anyway, imagine getting the ultimate mo-hawk, getting your hair cut short on one side, a rats tail, or a spike?

For a few of you, the step from your hair now, to the 80s style, and then get it restyled to how you want, may actually work. Now, how cool would your 80s outfit be, with the hairstyle being genuine 80s??!!

Ha ha ha, all I am saying is that may be a crazy option for some of you. And you never know, you may even keep it! 😀
Look through the gallery of awesome 80s celebrity hairstyles

Awesome 80s celebrity hair styles!


You’ll want to have some of these items when getting ready with your 80s hairstyle.


  • Gel
  • Mousse
  • Hairspray
  • Hair paint
  • Hair dye
  • Fine tooth comb
  • Round hair brush
  • Hair dryer
  • Crimping iron
  • A sense of fun and adventure!

Crimping Iron

Click through the popular hairstyles from the 80s, and find the one that’s just right for you and your 80s costume!


  • 80s Teased Hair – The bigger, the better! So how do you get the 80s teased hair?
  • 80s Punk Hair


80s punk hairstyle will grab attention. Here’s how you do it!


  • Crimped Hair


The 80s crimped hair was all the rage by the mid to late 80s. I think you’ll find, it will be all the rage again, coming into the tweenies.


  • 80s Side Ponytail


The 80s side ponytail is a quick easy way, to get your 80s fashion started, and is for the girls only.


  • 80s Fountain Ponytail


This cute 80s fountain ponytail is quick easy, and you do not need really long hair. In fact, shortish medium hair is brilliant for this 80s style.


  • 80s Mullet … “Don’t break my heart..”


Yikes! The 80s mullet hairstyle. Mostly worn by the lads, this was an incredibly popular hairstyle in the 80s.


  • 80s Blow Wave Hair Style


80s blow wave hairstyles were generally most hairstyles. In other words, the hair dryer was used a lot, whether you were male or female!


  • Braided Hair


For the less daring, having your hair in a braid was big in the 80s. Why not consider a french braid for your 80s party, or even, for almost any occasion?


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80s Accessories: Bring Your 80s Costume to Life!

80s accessories are pretty cheap for the most part, and will give your 80s costume Va-Voom! I am really excited writing this.

This is the treasure! Ask family and friends. You never know who has what. Surely an aunt or family member would have some absolute beauties.

As always, hunt down your local $2 shop, opportunity/charity shops, and check out our online stores.

80s Rock Chick with Fingerless Gloves

This photo below is from a recent 80s party, and as you can see, there’s no shortage of 80s accessories! These ladies have the belts, earrings, fingerless gloves, fake necklaces, hair bows and sunnies! What a great effort!

80s accessories worn at a recent 80s party

With so many accessories to choose, I will start from the top, and we’ll work our way to the bottom.


  • 80s Hats


80s hats will not be needed for most of your 80s costumes, as it will hide your awesome 80s Hair! So do not worry too much, or make the 80s hat much of a priority, when designing your 80s fashion outfit.

If however, by some freak of nature you can get your hands on one of these, please wear it!


  • 80s Hair Accessories



If you are a girl, it’s important to add plenty of accessories, including the 80s hair accessories. The good news is that these 80s hair accessories are for the most part, readily available, and around $2.


  • 80s Sunglasses


80s sunglasses were definitely a statement of cool, I guess as sunglasses pretty much have always been. From Ray-Ban goodness such as the 80s Wayfarers and Aviators, immortalized by Tom Cruise, to the cheap and nasty. Although, the nastier, the better for your 80s costume.


  • 80s Jewellery


Just so we are clear here, you MUST have 80s jewelry, to pull off your 80s costume and get the most from your 80s accessories.

And you must have a few different pieces!


  • 80s Fingerless Gloves


80s fingerless gloves are not only a fabulous fashion piece from the 80s but are being spotted in new music clips, and on the catwalk, as we turn into the next decade.

This means you should find fingerless gloves in your fashion accessory stores, if not now, very soon.


  • 80s Belts


80s belts are, in some cases, are a pretty important part of your 80s outfit.


  • 80s Socks and Leg Warmers


80s socks and leg warmers should be considered as part of your 80s accessories when creating your 80s outfit. Here are the most popular styles.


  • 80s Ties and Collar Clips

The skinny 80s tie was big in the late 80s, and have made a fashion come back! And, what were we thinking with those 80s collar clips?! Did you wear them?



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80s Dance Wear

Wow, in the 80s, we really started getting physical, and dancewear was worn as everyday wear, and inter-matched.

Olivia Newton-John was telling us to get Physical, Jane Fonda was creating new products called aerobic videos, and Reebok encouraged us to power walk to work after our aerobics class.

To kick off our inspiration, I have found this extended mix of Olivia Newton John’s, Physical and it’s great. I hope it get’s you into the mood! Check out the headband and aerobic shoes.

So what sort of things could you wear to qualify for 80s dancewear? Try on some of these:

– Terry toweling headband

– High cut leotard

– High cut leotard with a contrasting belt

– Legwarmers

– Reebok white trainers, preferably high-cut

– Nike trainers – preferably high cut

– Visor hat – In the plastic style, or tennis style

– American baseball style hat

– Hair high in ponytail, with a scrunchie

– Hair in a french braid, with a scrunchie

– Short hair styled/blow-waved with a V back

There are some cracker 80s dance movies, and a few of-of us would admit to watching occasionally still today. What were your favorites?

I’m starting to put together some costume ideas, for these characters, so don’t forget to be added to the RSS feed, bookmark the page or check back to see the new ones added.

Let’s start with Here’s a couple of pics of people wearing 80s aerobic / Getting Physical fancy dress.

Getting Physical!


Flashdance costume ideas

Have the Time of Your Life, and dress up in this great couples costume, from Dirty Dancing

Dress up for the Time of Your Life!

Fashion from the 80’s rap era, was in part inspired by the movies, Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2

breakin movie with 80s rap fashion

Grab a few girlfriends and glam up as the Robert Palmer Girls. (Although, these girls weren’t exactly known for their outstanding dance moves… )

Robert Palmer Girls

While I get cracking on creating my next 80s dancewear page, could you help out with some ideas for awesome 80s dance movies and 80s dance film clips that you think are iconic, you still love or just that you think they should be featured?

As we get the entries rolling in, I’ll attempt to create a page for each one with costume ideas.

Every entry published on here wins a FREE 80s Fashion Fancy Dress lucky dip prize, posted to anywhere in the world, as a thank you for contributing.

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Awesome Clothes Worn in 80s Fashions

Find clothes worn in the 80s by searching through the different 80s fashions and 80s costume ideas.

The awesome thing about dressing up in 80s outfits is that there are so many choices you can virtually mix and match elements with.

Where do you start? What main elements consist of an 80s fashion outfit?

Popular trends include fluoro – neon, stone wash, acid wash denim, lace, mesh, lycra, polyester and don’t forget taffeta and satin for the 80s prom dresses.

80s fashion at a recent 80s party

Once you have an idea of what 80s styles you are looking for, your next best step, is to work out who, where and when you can get your 80s gear from.

These are where you should score best for finding clothes worn in the 80s.

  • Family and friends: Parents, uncles and aunts, friends of the family.
  • Vintage and second-hand clothes shops in your local area. I have found they have the best range and are the cheapest for your authentic 80s clothing.
  • $2 import stores for fantastic items such as scrunchies, beaded necklaces, party gear and misc 80s jewelry.
  • 80s costume specialist online stores: The costume store links provided in these pages are brilliant. I have taken great care to find these wonderful stores, who provide that extra perfect something for your 80s costume or outfit.Please take the time to click on the products and look through these online stores. There is some brilliant 80s stuff, and quite cheap, too.
  • Costume jewelry stores.

For the most of it, your accessories will be what brings your 80s costume to life.

Legwarmers, lace ribbons, fingerless gloves, necklaces and dangly earrings.

There’s a chance these may be hard to find. Do not worry, like I said earlier, you will be able to buy plenty of 80s accessories online.

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